First Cow

First Cow ★★★★

I did not expect to love it as much as I did. Everyone was praising this all year long and for some reason I didn’t feel like watching it but I finally had to as the year is ending and trying to catch up with the movies I haven’t seen yet.
Wow. Superb direction by Richardt. It’s a nice little movie that doesn’t rely on anything big. Just screenplay and performance driven. That’s what I love the most about Indie cinema.
Loved magaro and Lee on this. Their chemistry was off the hook. I really thought they had “something” thought it was gonna be revealed at some point in the movie but I like that they didn’t clarify nor denied the nature of their relationship. Adds a bit of mystery to it lol. Loved it!! But also was a bit bummed they didn’t steal the cow at the end.

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