Bird Box

Bird Box ★★★

“You are saving their lives for a life not living.”

This was very enjoyable and suspenseful movie that you can enjoy starting Friday on your Netflix. Nothing groundbreaking and sadly A quiet Place came out before this(even tho Bird box is adapted from a book from years ago before A quiet place). Comparisons will be made and they are very similar on a lot of things. Both have a family sacrifice and survival theme but not entirely the same.

Elevated by its cast and powerful performance by Sandra Bullock who makes your heart break and feel for her as well as Trevante Rhodes who's the real MVP in my opinion. Jackie Weaver, Danielle Mcdonals, MGK and others are also in the movie.

We never get to the monsters and I think that was the best decision. You'll still be on the edge of your seat regardless. Its not a great movie but watch it it'll for free on Netflix and its way better than 90% of the shitty movies Netflix releases.

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