Deep Water

Deep Water ★★★★½

"[...] Following a simple plot progression, Deep Water amuses not so much with the shocking twists and turns of the classic erotic thriller (though there are plenty of those, too), but rather with titillating suspense about just how deep this supposed impunity goes, on both sides of the marriage. Is Melinda really sleeping with these beautiful young men? The question could be considered irrelevant since there is enough evidence to call these at least “emotional affairs.” In any case, it is soon superseded in the viewers’ minds by another more pressing one: could Vic really be a killer? Lyne’s genius here is to play with the very function and charge of the innuendo, the allusion, the hint — that staple of the erotic film, here repurposed as the central mechanism of a thriller (a smart move, in an age where so many people apparently deem sex scenes “unnecessary,” and in a generally sex-starved film landscape). Killing and longing intertwine — unsurprisingly, the film is adapted from a novel by Patricia Highsmith, author of the similarly twisted The Talented Mr. Ripley."

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