• Insiang



    revenge is not always sweet. it is a cleansing, a relief, an empty room, devoid of expectation or purpose.

  • Bones and All

    Bones and All


    “it doesn’t matter if i’m right or if i’m wrong about that, just matters that i feel it.”

    guided by a moral compass. as always with luca, i’m drawn most to the textures – from the shadows bouncing on the siding as maren sneaks out her window, to the dried blood patterns on bodies that look like continents. who do you become when you’re restless & on the run, but never feel like anyone is chasing you? invisible to all but those who are the same as you. blend into the landscape, settle down in a stranger’s home, find your north star.

  • Women Talking

    Women Talking


    sarah polley is really good at not just conveying the dynamics amongst all the women in the room through dialogue, but also breaking away and asking you to consider how each person is questioning their own experience & beliefs in real time.

    language is our foundation, and becomes a living organism once someone else starts listening. translating internal feelings into words is an act of courage. it is our power. because once we have the ability to speak of something, the path ahead seems clearer, and there’s a trail left behind for all that follow.

  • Cat Person

    Cat Person


    guarantee robert said he doesn’t want to meet someone through an app because he kept striking out publicly in letterboxd comments

  • All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

    All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt


    keeps you close but always with the bumpers up. a challenging watch for how much it protects you from, and how it forces you to seek emotion in only what it allows you to see. it’s such an unfamiliar intimacy — one that makes you still feel like a stranger, and that makes you question how much of a stranger you are to the world you already inhabit.

  • Scrapper



    harris dickinson really channeling harry dean stanton in paris, texas in a few scenes here (a compliment)

  • The Starling Girl

    The Starling Girl


    love eliza scanlen. it's okay to give yourself permission to do something just for yourself, whether they're watching or not.

  • Shortcomings



    this man has not fully listened to a woman once in his life and he thought he was going to be the next eric rohmer, please be serious

  • Sometimes I Think About Dying

    Sometimes I Think About Dying


    was getting scared as all the similarities between myself & fran stacked up (down to using the same toothbrush), until she said she loves her job… phew! feels like a fluorescent hum. great performances & i especially adore marcia debonis so much. i rewatch her episode on the other two every few months and she taps into that same, lovingly desperate energy here.

    isolation and uncertainty inhabit us all in such foreign ways. maybe it’s why we don’t immediately see it in each other, and why we hope for forgiveness once its form is revealed.

  • Theater Camp

    Theater Camp


    gasped/giggled each time a new member of the cast was revealed, the most promising sign of a comedic classic in the making!

  • Broker



    family is who you sing your song to. kore-eda keeps expanding his definition of family in a really organic way. it's like a rubber band ball. each film seems to test the elasticity of our chosen bonds in a new way, but it almost always finds a way back to the same conclusion — the same core. asking: under different circumstances, will we still find a way to understand each other?

  • Midnight



    claudette colbert can convince men to do anything just by sitting next to them & i think more actors should try to exude that kind of energy