First Cow

First Cow ★★★★★

if i’m being honest, the idea of seeing this film is something that has been keeping me going for these past few months. it’s like i’ve been holding it in my pocket all this time, protecting it. it’s a strange experience, protecting something when you don’t yet know what it is, or what it will become to you. the idea & anticipation becomes its own thing, separate from the art itself. but watching it today, i only want to protect it more. seeing it was like holding a light in my hands, no longer tucked away for another time, but still close to me while becoming something more real & vivid.

i’m comforted knowing that all my waiting to see this paid off. that i can still tuck it away in my pocket and bring it out again when i need to feel something tender, or remind myself of a simpleness that only kelly reichardt seems to illuminate. i love all her work so much, but first cow somehow feels more precious, and it’s exactly what i needed right now.

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