• Parasite



    If I was a Communist this would probably resonate with me more.

  • Gran Turismo

    Gran Turismo


    Sure, the plot isn't anything you haven't seen a million times before, but it's a hard wheel to reinvent. The core cast shines and lifts the cliche premise up.

    Blomkamp's artistic vision is kinda restrained by reality here (you know he was bummed he couldn't write in a giant mech somewhere). His talent for visceral action sequences is fully engaged and also elevates this film.

    Was surprised how hard the soundtrack slapped too.

    What really warmed my heart about Gran…

  • Ted



    Great premise more or less squandered by absolutely smothering it in prepubescent cringe. The funniest bits are mostly throwaway lines.

  • Macross Plus: The Movie

    Macross Plus: The Movie


    Hatsune Miku at the merge with Pete Maverick Mitchell, fights on!

    As expected from Watanabe, there's a conceptual edge to it, but not without a bit of style over substance. Thing is: with style like this, I'm having trouble seeing that as a bad thing.

    Yoko Kano going mental on the soundtrack as usual.

  • Oppenheimer



    May the record show I saw this on the anniversary of Hiroshima. 🤓

    No disrespect to Cillian Murphy or the rest of the cast, but the true star of this movie is Le Bomb (it le kills people). The movie knows this and does everything it can to delay the reveal, scurrying down rabbit holes and gratuitously long face close-ups. When Le Bomb is finally revealed, nothing that follows seems important, and there's a lot that follows.

  • Barbie



    I went in with a few spoilers, but actually enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Had plenty of laughs, and Goz seemed to be having the time of his life.

    Thematically and message-wise, this is a mess, from tossing anti-cap rhetoric smack in the middle of the doll-and-Chevy commercial to the notion that high-volume lectures have ever changed anyone's mind about anything. Barbie in Toy Story 3 had a more timely political message than anything here.

    Then again, I'm just Ken.

  • Two-Lane Blacktop

    Two-Lane Blacktop


    Is this even a movie?

    It flashes some sophomoric ideas but frustratingly does nothing with them. I thought I'm the exact demographic this movie was made for and yet it's utterly lost on me.

    This is 1/2 star without the hot rod dialog.

  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Cool Star Trek episode.

    The part where the F-14s absolutely FLEX on these Japanese Zeroes from 1941 is so comedically American I almost cried.

  • Nope



    This movie was just OK.

    I wanted scarier: the chimp was scarier than the big reveal. And I wanted a better connection to Daniel Kaluuya's OJ. He comes across as slightly autistic and I'm not sure that was the intention. Also could have been funnier if JP wanted to go that direction.

  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain


    Are all dramatic roles from this era so wooden, or was this just the way people existed in the world back then, especially in Britain? Yikes.

    But we're here for the airplane porn, and per house rules that +1/2 star.

  • Sully



    I mean, you can't not love Sully, but even at 96 minutes it drags. Turns out making a feature film out of a 200 second event leaves some stretch marks.

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction

    Transformers: Age of Extinction



    We all know what we're signing up for when we turn one of these on. Nobody claim ignorance. By those standards, c'mon people, this wasn't that bad.

    Stanley Tucci losing his mind was good stuff!