Norte, The End of History

Norte, The End of History ★★★★★

I think its important to take a step back and consider the film with a holistic view and notice that the film tackles the ideas of the 20th century as we encounter the stain of evil and forms of atrocity through various forms of ideology. Not just the standard late 19th century German Humanism prominent in western history. Now when I look back at this film I remember is it as a ride through the manifestation of for lack of a better word "evil" in different philosophies and modes of human thought seen through different film scenarios of course leading to Fabian and his ideology. But when I think about Joaquin its an entirely different story. A life perhaps of purity and the life of an individual. Or is it that that the principal idea can be dangerous in the form of an individual i.e Marcos. I'm really not sure but Lav has a very strong opinion on the subject.

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