Zodiac ★★★★

This is a good movie but i still dont know how i feel about them making a movie about an open case, while basically telling us who the murderer is, while the guy technically could be innocent. I dont know anything about the real case but i heard the movie should be very accurate, so the evidence suggests that they found the right guy but the world is a crazy place, so the killer could be a genius who was clever enough to get away with it but we will never know for sure i guess. 
Apart from that, it was a good movie though it had some slow moments around the middle but it picked up again near the ending. 
The kills were well made and with a good amount of time between them, which was good for the movie’s pacing. I just found it kinda stupid how the guy from the first killing could survive, since he was shot multiple times including a shot through the neck. 
The acting was great and the charachters were likeable. 
The suspenseful moments were great too and it is one of the things Fincher does best.

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