Transformers ★★★½

Sam Witwicky: How did you know about his glasses?

Optimus Prime: eBay.

Transformers movies ranked:

I have never seen any of the Michael Bay Transformers movies before so I have decided to watch them all. 
This movie was so stupid but I honestly had fun with it. The characters were terrible and their dialogue was cringeworthy but the action scenes and special effects really saved the movie for me. 
Almost none of the characters were believable and they felt very loud and exaggerated for no reason other than being annoying. The humor also didn’t work all the time and often made scenes too ridiculous (for example the soldiers needing a credit card to call the pentagon during a battle). 
The story was actually pretty good and I think it held the movie together very well. 
The action scenes were also just great and the set design were amazing too. The cgi looked fantastic and was definitely ahead of it’s time, which along with the great sound effects really made the action scenes stand out. 
The movie clearly focused more on action than on the writing but it was great fun, I just wish the characters hadn’t been so annoying.

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