The Kid

The Kid ★★★★

This is my first silent comedy and my first Charlie Chaplin movie and I enjoyed it.
It is only my second silent movie and I am still not completely used to the lack of sound, since it is so different from what I am used to, but luckily the movie was full of timeless physical comedy, while also not having too much dialogue, so we didn’t have to read too much text, since it probably could have slowed the pacing down a bit. 
The movie had a sweet story about a man finding an abandoned child, who he takes care of until his mother wants him back years later.
Chaplin did a great job with the physical comedy and he has a very likable screen presence. Jackie Coogan, who played the kid, was great too and his facial expressions were fantastic, and for a kid he gave an incredible performance.  
The movie had a nice dream sequence near the end, which I think was well made for it’s time, since the characters and even a dog could fly and it didn’t look stupid. 
It is incredible that a movie still can work so well after 100 years and that Chaplin still is such an iconic actor and I am excited to watch some of his later and more iconic movies.

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