Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

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We Danes like to drink and we are known to be one of the countries that consume the most alcohol per capita. 
This movie “Druk (Another Round)” shows many sides of the Danish drinking culture and how it affects us. We see alcohol be the cause of fun and self confidence, while we also see it as addicting and hurtful. The alcohol affects all the characters differently and while the movie is a tribute to the Danish drinking culture, it still shows that you have to be careful. 
The movie has a great cast and they worked really well together. Their chemistry was amazing and it made for a lot of funny moments between them. We see the characters teach their students and how the teaching evolves with them but I still think the movie focused too little on Nikolaj, as we only see him teach before they start drinking. 
The movie’s biggest flaw was it’s pacing. I think it took a little too long to get started, while it also slowed a bit down around the middle. Besides from that I also think the ending was too sudden and I expected a little more emotional payoff. 
The movie still handled it’s style very well and it never really felt like a comedy or a drama but it hit a certain spot where it felt real and human. It had humor and it had drama but it never overdid it enough to keep the story from being believable. The movie actually had one scene were I could fell my eyes getting wet, which rarely happens to me during a movie.
It is always nice to see Mads Mikkelsen return to Danish movies and Thomas Vinterberg once again pulled a great performance out of him.

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