The Kid

The Kid ★★★★★

“Please love and care for this orphan child.”

This was truly magical. 53 minutes of pure goodness. Honestly, I had some of my biggest laughs while watching a movie in weeks because of this film — the humor really holds up, and the physical comedy is so perfectly-choreographed and inspired.

The movie opens with the message, “A comedy with a smile — and perhaps a tear.” I love how this film seamlessly blended comedy with drama; in such a short amount of time, you’re invested with “A Tramp” and “The Child.” You love them together, and even with their petty crimes & tomfoolery, you’re rooting for them. Learning that Chaplin’s life growing up was similar in hardship, and that of all of his films, that this would be one of his most autobiographical, that just creates that extra lump in your throat while watching. 🥲

Chaplin & Jackie Coogan are wonderful in this film. Little Coogan was phenomenal — that was a great child performance. One of the best. The Kid walked so Paper Moon could run.

I gotta say, this restoration is b-e-a-utiful. That needs to be pointed out, so props to Criterion and everyone else involved with preserving all of these classic flicks. I was really impressed with this one — it really looks a good 20-30 years “newer” than 1921. 

Confession: this is my first Charlie Chaplin film, and well, I’m hooked. Absolutely chuffed to bits. Will delightfully queue up a few more sporadically in 2021 and in the years ahead. I’d consider The Kid to be quite timeless, and would only imagine that his several other notable films are also just as fun, timeless, and powerful.

And another unrelated note: I just bought myself a new monitor to hook up to my laptop, so watching movies “on my laptop” just got a lot more fun. 

“Awkward ass.”

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