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This review may contain spoilers.

Day 31 of JD's Spookypalooza and the final film of the spooky season is the original Halloween. I've seen this a few times and really love what it did for the horror genre.

Halloween follows Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) as she encounters the brutal Michael Myers when he returns home fifteen years after killing his sister.

This film is brilliant. Though it is slow, it does an excellent job of building suspense and characters. The narrative unfolds really cleverly as well with an atmospheric first half and a tension filled second. It's climax is so memorable and extremely well put together.

Jamie Lee Curtis is the standout with a terrific performance as one of cinema's first "final girls" Laurie Strode. Donald Pleasence is also on great form as Dr. Sam Loomis, the doctor obsessed with protecting the world from Michael. Nick Castle is wonderfully menacing as the silent killing machine Michael. P.J. Soles, Nancy Kyes, Charles Cyphers and Kyle Richards all provide great support.

Visually there is so much to unpack in this film. From the outstanding and iconic opening sequence shot all in one tack to the little things like Michael sitting up behind Laurie, this film is just pure horror. Carpenter's eerie score undoubtedly help create such a tense atmosphere.

Final thought: It is so easy to see why this is a classic.

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