My First Summer

My First Summer ★★★★½

This just might be one of the best films I’ve watched in so long.

A story where the main source of conflict and heartbreak wasn’t the relationship between these two teenage girls was so refreshing and unexpected, it made everything feel more real, and raw.

I wish I had this movie when I was a teenager, because the absence of “coming out” and the focus on the love and trust forming between Claudia and Grace allowed for a new story to be told - one that didn’t feed into the narrative that falling in love with a girl is a crisis to be had.

Also the two main actresses, Markella Kavenagh and Maiah Stewardson were absolutely phenomenal and I can’t wait to watch them continue to flourish.

Australian cinema, specifically queer Australian cinema is so special, I just hope more and more people start recognising it. I’ll be thinking about this film forever.