Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★★

Temple of Doom is one great sequel to a great film. Before I begin the review, I hear the Indiana Jones films are kids movies and whoever says that are wrong. What kid would be interested into something like this? You’ll find them more hooked to Star Wars than Indy. Indy is more for teenagers and adults. The dinner scene is just too disgusting for a child to watch. 
“Gimme your hat.”
“Cuz I want to puke in it.”
I don’t blame her. Eating bugs is just gross. I first got interested into Indiana Jones at the age of 12 and boy, how much I loved it and I still love it as much as today, and what a special day it is, the 40th anniversary to our beloved hero, Indiana Jones!

Temple of Doom is one of the bravest second entries I have ever seen in any film franchise. It’s like The Empire Strikes Back for Indy. As good as the first film and takes a darker tone towards the characters. The film is as entertaining as it’s predecessor. Willie never annoyed me (Elsa is my least favorite of Indy’s girlfriends) and Short Round is hilarious. He is my 3rd favorite character, along with Indy and Henry Jones Sr. I love how the film is a prequel, so it can use different villains than the Nazi’s. Mola Rahm was awesome as a villain. Holding a burning heart in your hands while laughing maniacally is just insane. Good job, George and Steven. Doom works beautifully in the timeline.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is a great prequel. It’s as entertaining as Raiders of the Lost Ark and it also gives you great characters and stunning locations.

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