Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★½

“I’m not a monster, Stephen, I’m a mother.” - Scarlet Witch

Another time, but still kinda disappointing even though I enjoyed it more.

The performances are great. Cumberbatch aces Doctor Strange. I don’t know what my deal was when I first watched this movie. Elizabeth Olsen clearly was having fun with Scarlet Witch. Benedict Wong is great as Wong and Xochit Gomez does a good job at capturing America’s teenager personality. 

The story could have been more mad, but I liked a lot of it. It’s insane how much Wanda has grown. Cap, she’s no longer a kid anymore. In fact, she killed your future wife in like 13 seconds after she said your famous words “I can do this all day”. Even I underestimated her powers last time. Does make sense that she killed the Illuminati easily, but that is Reed Richards fault because he told her how to defeat Black Bolt. “Smartest Man Alive”, huh? Yeah, right. Sam Rami always nails his villains and that is the case here. I understand Doctor Strange’s arguments, but I actually wanted Wanda to win this battle. All she really wanted to do was be with her children and Doctor Strange didn’t want that to happen because she had to murder a teen and it would break reality or something like that. But in doing so, she became what she hated the most. I see the Darth Vader parallels in her character. I don’t know why I didn’t last time, but I cared for Stephen a little more this time even though not exactly the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man level. I felt some a more emotional and depressive connection watching this movie again. That Bruce Campbell cameo is legendary. I love how the last scene in this movie is him saying “It’s over!” like the movie is. And that horror stuff, love it. P.S. thank you for suggesting dreams are visions of our alternative universe’s selves, Sam Rami. Makes a lot of sense. I still feel the characters should have progressed more and the movie had more crazy madness as said in the title. There should have been more explanations for some things, like why didn’t Wanda posses her alternative universe self to be with her children and why didn’t she go to a universe with both Vision and her children in it? Does she not care for him anymore? I guess as Green Goblin once said, “Strong enough to have it all, to weak to take it!”. And the Illuminati should have been more than fan service cameos.

The music is great. It’s awesome seeing Danny Elfman work with Sam Rami on another Marvel movie together. I got Batman Returns vibes listening to the music playing during the credits.

The action is wonderful. I love that musical note battle. The color grading looks pretty good and probably some of the best in the MCU, but some visuals look kinda wonky, like the third eye.

Multiverse of Madness should have been more with a movie like No Way Home sitting inside the same house, but it’s enjoyable enough.

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