Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

"You break the rules and become a hero. I do it and I become the enemy. That doesn't seem
fair." - Wanda

Oh, man. This is a hard decision. I really wanted to love this one and it was definitely a superhero movie that was to be amazing. I don’t think the movie was bad, but it has a bunch of major issues:

1. If Wanda created a hex before with her children in it, why can’t she do it again? And why Wanda fascinated with one universe, where other ones have her boys in it?
2. How in any universe does Wanda believe her children will love another version of their mother? There’s only one version, and it is that universe’s Wanda. Even if the kids don’t know which one is theirs, the prime reality Wanda was about to kill Chavez in front of them, and they all act fine about it.
3. Why couldn’t Wanda simply possess her alternative universe’s self to be with her children, if Doctor Strange can do it?
4. Does Wanda even care about Vision anymore? She only references him a few times and they were very in love. She could go to a universe with both her boys and husband in it. Would’ve been badass to see her fight that alternative reality Vision.
5. Wanda’s personality change wasn’t that believable to me. Too quick. We needed an extra scene or we could’ve had moments where both her personalities were fighting each other, like Norman and the Goblin in No Way Home.
6. Just when Wanda was getting really interesting, why kill her off? She had so much potential left, like House of X since Mutants were now officially introduced, but I guess we’ll never get something like that in the MCU.
7. Since the Illuminati society tends to lead away from their mistakes, why did they keep the Ultron bots?
8. WHY KILL CAPTAIN MARVEL, CAPTAIN CARTER, REED RICHARDS, BLACK BOLT, AND PROFESSOR X BEFORE WE EVEN KNEW THEM WELL ENOUGH?! Sam Rami, you knew we would’ve been preaching around that area. They were such cool cameos that deserved more.
9. Why did Captain Carter’s shield cut through her, when Captain America’s shield bounces off of people when they get hit with it? She could do it all day, huh?
10. It’s impossible to see what’s behind you in memories, so how does that memory machine work? Does it use reflections?
11. The Illuminati feels really weak for fan favorite superheroes. Charles Xavier was much more powerful than what the movie gave him. He most definitely would’ve defeated Wanda in that mind battle, since he’s more experienced. Also, Reed Richards told Wanda exactly how to defeat Black Bolt. “Smartest Man Alive”, huh? At least it wasn’t Iron Man with that title because I’m sick of seeing him die after almost all of the What If episodes.
12. If Doctor Strange knew of the Westview incident, why didn’t he just go there when it was happening? S.W.O.R.D. realized, so how did anyone else not?
13. This movie is called Multiverse of Madness, yet we are introduced to 2 new worlds only. There definitely could’ve been more.
14. It feels so short, to me. We needed more. The whole journey felt pointless in the end and the characters couldn’t develop more.

This movie sadly turned out to be no better or worse than the tier of Spider-Man 3. Flawed, but very enjoyable. I also think Strange just didn’t work as a protagonist. I really liked him in Ragnorock, Infinity War, Endgame, and No Way Home, but I didn’t like as much in here. I don’t feel an emotional connection to Doctor Strange as I did for all three of the Spider-Men in No Way Home or in any of their movies. They just put him on our plate without giving us a good reason to care or make him that relatable. In fact, I cared for Wanda more because she just wanted to be with her children, where Strange wanted to stop her from doing that because it would break reality. The villain overshadowed the hero. Yes, Thanos did in Infinity War, but he was the protagonist of that movie, where Wanda was the antagonist. But that’s not say MoM isn’t good. It’s very enjoyable with some spectacular visuals. I also love that horror stuff in it. There’s even some hints of Spider-Man 2 sprinkled in the plot. Sam Rami knew what he was doing there. The costumes look incredible too. I took my time to examine everyone’s and they all look good. I also like how people who haven’t seen WandaVision can easily understand what’s happening. I saw it with my mother and grandparents, who haven’t seen the show, and they understood it. And I love the Bruce Campbell cameo. When I saw the opening battle, the wedding, and the fight with that big monster, I was thinking I was going to love this movie, but when we got to when Wanda was introduced, the movie didn’t hold that awesomeness.  Overall, I like what they’re selling, but there was lots of missed opportunities left behind the vault and I walked out feeling disappointed and also feeling that I missed something. 

While a couple lines could come off as cheesy, like the lunchbox one (Felt like something from the 90’s) and the “I love you in every universe.” one, the performances are mostly good. I enjoy Cumberbatch, but he’s not that good here. As I said, I don’t enjoy his character as much as I did in No Way Home, Ragnorock, or the latest two Avengers movies. Elizabeth Olsen was really fun. Her performance was definitely a bright spot out of all the issues with her characterization. Benedict Wong was really fun also. Xochit Gomez and Chiwetel Eliofor were actually pretty good, not gonna lie and Rachel McAdams did fine too.

The music is pretty great, because it’s Danny Elfman. I liked how it rhymed with the scenes, especially the musical note fight scene with Doctor Strange and Dark Strange.

The action is amazing, with those spectacular visuals. Zombie Defender Strange was cool too.

I had fun watching this movie, but went out disappointed. This movie clearly was so destined to for greatness, to be one of Marvel’s best movies, but it went a more tedious route instead of the mad, crazy one they falsely advertised and didn’t push its limits as we all expected.

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