Blade Runner ★★★★

More human than human”
It’s hard to call this film bad or good, it’s not bad in the same way you’d call ‘Cats’ bad, and it’s not good in the same way you’d call ‘Star Wars’ good either, every-time I think of this film I can’t help but acknowledge how important this movie was/still is, it refuses to labeled, and in that sense I admire how this was the blueprint for the aesthetic of dystopian sci-fi’s I’ve come to love. Aside from its lack of being engaging on an narrative level, and its set design being a little too over dramatic, I found the characters and plot itself to be immersive, the intensity of the colliding forces that human vs replicant face in this world never failed to intrigue me, and it lands perfectly on emphasizing its themes of existentialism, consumerism, and ultimately just the question of what it truly means to be human, which is something the sequel also carried out and capitalized on. I could easily say Harrison Ford deliverers a stale performance but I always think of his presentations like that, Rutger Hauer probably steals the show with his eccentric execution of being a rompy, overly overweening but yet poetic Android. Also I started watching this in the afternoon and somehow I’m barely finishing it 5 hours later?

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