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So much of Lady Bird rang true to me, especially in regards to Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf's performance. This movie NAILS the simultaneous passion and friction that can occur between a parent and an adolescent. Yes Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson possesses all the drama and pretensions of late teenagedom, and yes her mother Marion is most certainly an overbearing mother with critical passive aggressions. But there is a precarious balance between their tug-of-war relationship that I think is the movie's greatest strength: you never feel that either side is entirely wrong. Much like the torrential back and forth in Linklater's Before Midnight, you constantly see where either one is coming from and their conflicts may not always be right or fair, but they make sense and are very relatable. It's a realistic depiction of late adolescence and that uncomfortable feeling when we realize just how much can be taken for granted until adulthood is looming.

The actual story itself isn't that surprising and there are several plot threads that get opened up without too much exploration. For the most part, the fragmented editing style works well with this to create a more focused portrait on Lady Bird and her family, but there are some that I wish had some more explanation. The dialogue however is exceptionally strong, and while I expected to love (and did love) Metcalf and Ronan, the rest of the supporting cast knocks it out of the park too. If I had any other complaint with it, it would be that while I did enjoy it and relate to it a lot, I didn't find myself as emotionally moved as I thought I would: especially given my fondness for coming-of-age stories. However, I can confidently say that this is the one best movies I have seen this year and I am rooting for that Laurie Metcalf Oscar nod.

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