Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde ★★★½

Atomic Blonde is an espionage action film that has a lot of minor problems despite how much it gets right. The recycled plot and the slower pace of the first third make it a little hard to get into at points, and I'm not sure what the point of Sofia Boutella was. But once the action sequences kick off and Charlize Theron is allowed to be a badass, Atomic Blonde kicks into high gear and doesn't stop. David Leitch knows how to choreograph and execute visceral fight scenes, and Charlize Theron is more committed to pain and punishment here then even Fury Road. When paired together, it's an uneven but satisfyingly badass romp that overcomes its shortcomings with style and practical stunt work. P.S. to James McAvoy: thanks for making what was a very under-developed character into something entertaining. Laughed my ass off at the shoe line.

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