• Kaithi



    Oh hell yeah! A mashup of various 80s action movie tropes that totally worked on me. The film really benefited from relaxed editing, even had a couple of oners, a rarity in Tamil action cinema.

    Added to my Siege! list.

  • Tomb of the River

    Tomb of the River


    Slow moving gangster flick with some artsy ambitions. There's not a lot of originality or subtlety in this, but it is a competently told story. Things get pretty stabby at the end.

  • Sniper: Vengeance

    Sniper: Vengeance


    You are not going to believe how many grenades are used in this sniper movie.

  • Manhunt



    A prosecutor goes on the run after being framed for a couple of (actually very minor) crimes. I mean, it was just a ring and a camera that he was accused of stealing. That's the level of crime that warrants a nationwide manhunt in Japan, I guess. Anyway, nothing particularly interesting happens over the course of the movie's unconscionable two and a half hours, aside from a hilarious bear attack and an utterly bonkers score. If you've seen the Fugitive then there's no need to see this, unless you want to see the inspiration for John Woo's also underwhelming remake from a few years ago

  • Tokyo Blood

    Tokyo Blood

    A collection of four very abstract Gakuryu Ishii shorts about... well, I'm not sure. I am far too dumb to figure out this kind of thing.

  • JUNG_E



    Sci-fi flick about robots and consciousness and blah blah blah but what I wanted to mention in this review is that the movie is set in a future where apartment buildings have windshield wipers for some reason.

  • Ace Bodyguard

    Ace Bodyguard


    A retired bodyguard kicks so much ass searching for his kidnapped wife. 67-minute low budget action flick, with pretty much non-stop action for the last 60 minutes. So much action, in fact, that there was no room for stuff like characters or plot logic or any of those nerdy things. The action isn't great, but it is relentless, and that's worth 4 stars in my book.

  • Life and Death

    Life and Death


    AKA Death Chasing, the title I saw it under. A police detective attempts to solve a string of disappearances of escorts. Low wattage mystery thriller. This is boilerplate stuff.

    I got there first!

  • Blind War

    Blind War


    A blinded former cop teams up with his enemy to rescue his kidnapped daughter. Action is pretty good and plentiful, but the movie has other issues that kept bothering me. Like how the protagonist's fighting ability doesn't seem to be affected at all by losing his sight (a couple of rubber balls appear to be a functional replacement for vision). And how three overly annoying characters occupy so much screen time. But anyway, decent overall.

  • Nowhere Girl

    Nowhere Girl


    A PTSD-striken girl at an arts school deals with shitty classmates and authority figures. And then shit gets wild at the end. Three-quarters of this movie is way over my head, filled with symbols and metaphors that easily elude me, but action finales I can understand, and this was a good one. Cross another Kensuke Sonomura action sequence of my list .

  • Hard Target

    Hard Target


    I (sloppily) re-edited a fight scene to see just how much slow motion John Woo used, and the unsurprising answer is a lot, but now I have a number: the slow motion increased the run time of this scene by 19%.


  • F9



    Too much dumb, not enough absurd.