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  • Slam Dance

    Slam Dance


    Slam Dance, for me, is a psychological sublimation to the likes of Vertigo, Jacob's Ladder or Liebestraum. I choose to believe it is purely an adventure in escapist fantasy, driven home by Drood's creative inclinations prone to introverted delusions from reality, reconciling the demise of his nuclear family to that of being swept up in a noir plotline. A little neo-Jungian noir playground. Virginia Madsen's character is not the traditional Femme Fatale however, is actually his inner anima "Yolanda the…

  • Play Murder for Me

    Play Murder for Me


    Like cigarette smoke that lingers on in a phosphorus haze, where dawn never breaks and the neon signs blissfully glow, when saxy sax plays all night long. A jaded saxophonist with tossed, I-sleep-in-my-day-shirt chic reacquaints himself to an old flame, secrets emerge after her husband is left for dead. The film wears its influences on its sleeve, and less about the final reveal than the misty underbelly of nightlife we succumb to in living such luxurious lifestyles. You can sit…

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  • The Hunger

    The Hunger


    Acknowledged as the foremost sexy gothic catalog spread, filled to the cobwebs with leather and tragedy and smoke filled rooms, a favorite of mine since high school brought out like a party favor, "have you seen this vampire movie with David Bowie?" As I get older, the movie resonates with me more profoundly because as I sift through old relationships and embark on new ones, it's the Eternal Sunshine for the morose crowd -- the people we once loved tucked…

  • Spreading Darkness

    Spreading Darkness


    It's hard to say if this is a bad movie worth seeing, although it stands on its own by possibly possessing some self-awareness of its nihilism. Surrealist cinema is more alive than ever, the incoherent randomness of inexperienced filmmakers is a pleasure many of us strive to obtain in something like this. To even explain the movie would deprive you of the joy in experiencing it, a Pandora's Box of unraveling confusion and unclear motives. The cover I have isn't…

Popular reviews

  • The Daytrippers

    The Daytrippers


    A Proto-Little Miss Sunshine: unseen micro-budget family van ride story. Everyone’s idiosyncrasies and flaws comedically on display, subtle holiday feel goods of Seinfeld relatability.

    Highlight is Liev Schrieber playing “smartest guy in the room” writer-type who loves indulging about his Kafkaesque novel and aristocracy. Parker Posey plays mostly blasé cool Posey (I’m not complaining) who chain smokes and has a weakness for said intellectual writer types (raises hand), and Hope Davis as adorable older sister tracking down her husband in…

  • Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities


    I really love this movie, and not for the obvious reason, so here’s a little female perspective for you chuds.

    Whaley is so incredibly charming as doofy outcast, never over-fixated with Josie, but relatable self-involved idiosyncratic Jim. Right on the cusp of the “mall movie” aka Clueless, Mallrats, etc. quirky shenanigans in the only place young people can convene after high school and before twenty-one. Includes intense flashbacks to the time I worked at PetSmart for the summer, not really…