Titanic ★★★★

This isn’t a review. 

The RMS Titanic sunk today, April 15th, 109 years ago on her maiden voyage. 1,517 people lost their lives in a most devastating manner: clinging on to their loved ones, going down in the deep, pitch black waters of hardly -2 degrees... Aside from the massive loss of passengers, all of the engineers went down with the ship. They did what was required of them, without leaving their position, they sacrificed themselves so that all might stand a better chance of life by keeping Titanic above water longer than would have been the case without their efforts. They died heroes.

According to one of the survivors, hearing the passengers on board screaming in agony was one thing, but the silence as soon as the ship had gone completely under was the most spine-chilling. It is the deafening lack of noise that is noise, the loudest of noises one could hear. 

Of course, this film is a romanticized version with fictional characters, but in remembrance I decided to rewatch it last night. After having read so much about this tragic event, seeing it visually again is perhaps more heart-wretching. In any case, the movie is a part of my childhood, where my interest in the Titanic began. Sometimes I’ll just be doing my silly little tasks during the day and picture the shipwreck, resting with her loyal crew members, her passengers young and old, her stories... at the bottom of the ocean, quietly. She will forever fascinate me and I really look forward to visit the Titanic Exhibition in Las Vegas.