The Kid Detective ★★★★

Coming in barely over 90 minutes, The Kid Detective joins many other 2020 films letting us know we have to do less. I can’t help but feel like a lot of these films (Lovers Rock, The Kid Detective,  Sound of Metal) feel like responses to bloated Marvel movies.

I remember my friend Ian telling me he stopped watching Marvel movies cause they stressed him out cause he felt like he hadn’t studied for a test. This film stressed me out in an opposite way. We are dropped snuggly into this character’s world—the film doesn’t waste time setting up much of Abe’s history before it launches us into this hard boiled noir.

The film brilliantly blends the genre of comedy and crime. All the familiar players are there while Brody brings such a nuanced performance to this brooding detective. I’ve always been eh on Brody (probably from jealously) but man, this film proves the guy has fucking depth. He makes this premise breath with his performance.

On paper, you could see this story and roll your eyes but backed by an excellent score, a shocking twist, and a LEADING man—The Kid Detective delivers!

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