Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★★

I’m sure all of you know I’m a big doctor strange fan. I love him so much and with the constant development problems this movie had, I was worried it’d turn out badly. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Doctor strange 2 has a lot of rami familiar works to it. Some camp, some bad cgi that works, and a really good central theme to it. While not profound, the way they handled strange arc throughout was enjoyable and led to some great pay off throughout. American Chavez as well is a fun fun character and she had some great moments that put me into her story well. Theres very few moments, but when this goes horror, it goes full blown horror. The unsettling moments where so well done and genuinely where unsettling.

Now, here’s my main issues. There’s two main things that bring down this movie greatly. The first main thing is Wanda. Wanda is so terribly written and what they tried to do with her failed. Due to marvel not being able to decide if she’s a hero or villain, they tried to make her sympathetic in the worst way possible, and it failed. The moments where “I suddenly become the bad guy” I laughed out loud at. I get can’t decide what they want to do with her, and that kills the movie for me a lot. Wanda Is perhaps my least favorite of the core marvel characters and this solidified it. She’s not a good character and there’s a real disconnect between is she sympathetic or pure evil. I will say, the one sequence they committed to have her being this force of nature was amazing. The other main issue is it’s so obvious when marvel took control and made choices in it. There are some sequences that you can tell where studio mandates that really took away from parts of the film. Thankfully, it never got too bad, but you can tell what parts rami wasn’t interested in. He did well with what he was given, but it would’ve been better just with his vision. Also, this really would’ve benefited from an extra 10-15 minutes.

Overall, a very fun movie. It has its highs and it’s lows, but the highs are phenomenal and the lows are very mid. I would definitely recommend going in with no expectations and build your own. I get the hate it’s getting, but I thought it was great. The goods a lot better then the bad, and I’m very glad I had a great time with it, minus my horrible audience and the projector stopped working for a moment. I hope one day, we get to see rami full creative vision. 

Also, holy crap that avatar trailer was beautiful. I’ve made fun of it for years, but now that it’s close, I’m really excited.

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