In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

Rewatch Sunday
Wow. This feels like a movie that needs to be rewatched multiple times to fully appreciate all that’s going on here. This is my first rewatch but it most certainly won’t be my last. This is the best Wong Kar-Wai film I’ve seen by a damn mile. So gorgeous and a story that is sad and depressing but also somewhat hopeful at the same time. It makes you hopeful but then kicks you right in the face. And then there’s the ending, literally perfect. The perfect conclusion to a story like this. It ends softly, but harshly at the same time. Shows us that sometimes these feelings only can be a secret and need to stay that way forever. Also the score for that scene is brilliant. The scenes surrounding the main theme of the film were amazing of course but it was the subtle scenes like the ending that caught my attention more on a rewatch. Incredible how Wong will construct these scenes around the characters. Not letting the viewers ever see the faces of the wife and husband of the two main characters is a stroke of genius. Also just wanna say that these characters were phenomenally crafted and the acting was superb, especially by Maggie Cheung. Honestly I could go on and on about how brilliant this film is but I don’t really want to at the moment. All I can say is that I could totally write a long essay on this film. 

Also this will likely be the final rewatch Sunday until mid August, I’m going up to camp for the entire summer.