Rewatch Sunday
Holy shit. This movie is the definition of perfection right here. So perfectly made by Fellini. I have finally found a Fellini movie that I love. Guido is such a fantastic character and the screenplay is just so amazing. There weren’t like any shortcomings in this film. The first half was very “in your face” about everything. Showing the audience the nature of Guido’s life. Showing how stressful Guido’s life is and how much he has to deal with. The second half Fellini makes the decision to have it be a little more laid back and he fucking nails it. The contrasting yet similar styles of the two halves are perfectly done. Fellini is a genius. This film is definitely one of the 5 greatest movies I’ve ever seen, I just can’t decide where to place it. But yeah this film was a million times more enjoyable on the rewatch and I got way more out of it. The thing with movies like this is that you cannot be half asleep while watching them, this movie demands your upmost attention above all else and if you give it your attention, you will be handsomely rewarded with a goddamn incredible film.