High and Low

High and Low ★★★★★

gonna go superlative-mode here and say this is the greatest blocking i've ever seen. it's also likely the greatest use of black and white + scope. probably the best procedural and the best film i've seen by Kurosawa. like many of my favorite procedural films, it follows the broad 2-part structure of a crime and its investigation. the confined location of the first half makes even the most lavish house feel claustrophobic. the detail-oriented second half impossibly broadens the scope at its start before hacking and slashing for 80 minutes until you get the incredibly specific locations of the GI bar and the dope fiend alley. the outset of this half is defined by the child's drawing of the hideout's view. ah yes, let's figure out where you can see the sun set next to a view of Mt Fuji and... go from there.

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