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  • Ponyo



    Miyazaki once again demonstrates how his work stands apart from typical Disney fare. Unlike in many Disney films, there are no truly "evil" characters in Ponyo - instead, Miyazaki shows us that no one is entirely bad. Even Ponyo's father, who initially seems like an antagonist, is revealed to be protecting a vital part of nature, and throughout the film we witness the ways in which humans harm the environment.

    One of the driving forces of the plot is Ponyo's…

  • Close



    It was amazing, film emotionally charges you from start to finish and had some great close-up shots that really drew you in. Although we don't really connect with both of the children, we are always seeing things from Leo's perspective. I think it would have been interesting to see things from Remi's point of view as well.
    The landscape was beautiful and the lead actor did a fantastic job in the running scenes. The hokey storyline didn't really tie into…

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  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon


    Raya and the Last Dragon is a visually stunning film that showcases beautiful animation and an excellent musical score. However, the storytelling leaves much to be desired, particularly when it comes to the consequences of betrayal. While the film does an admirable job of portraying the complexities of trust and forgiveness, its portrayal of characters trusting those who have betrayed them unconditionally was seem unrealistic and unsatisfying to me.

    Despite this flaw, the film's storytelling of history is excellent, providing…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Upon watching the film today, I am inclined to assert that it is a stunning musical. The relationship type portrayed in the film, akin to that of "right person, wrong time," struck a chord with me, as throughout the duration of the film, our protagonists grapple with a sense of self-identity, constantly influencing and affecting one another. While I found certain scenes to be incredibly fanciful, with the world seemingly revolving around our duo, such a portrayal is fitting for the musical genre, though it may appear humorous within the context of the screenplay. Nevertheless, I found the film to be quite enjoyable overall.