The Other Side of the Underneath

The Other Side of the Underneath ★★★½

"i don't know very much about my head."

suffering feels religious,,, or whatever that quote was lol, liked this much better when it felt like i was dying rather than wanting to die. to elaborate this is british, so there's a few scenes that are just so insufferable - like the clown & the village people - but then there's all that witchy shit by the end & the therapy scenes which felt so haunting & evil. something i haven't felt since the passion of joan of arc, or perhaps martyrs if you got onto its wavelength. wish this was distilled in that sense, i'd watch those therapy scenes forever. 

castrating mum scene was so funny. idk what was the point of it but i love it anyway. strip show featuring a slightly insane ginger slut w no pot to piss in. comedy

crucifix scene was fucking incredible & i especially love that ending with the closeup of her face as she falls into ecstasy, spiritual ecstasy prob feels better than an orgasm anyway. i'd rather have the former. almost on the same level as what i felt watching isabelle spiral away in possession :,) <3 <3 beautiful

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