Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★

Yes! The closest the franchise got to legitimate horror. The sacrificial scenes used to give me the heebie-jeebies as a kid, and it's still all disturbing as hell. I mean there's a little kid who literally says:

Please, let me die. I pray to Shiva, "let me die", but I do not.

So yeah, it's pretty dark. It makes me wish Lucas' Scottish haunted castle idea would've been greenlit.

Anywho, Temple of Doom's production design is simply phenomenal, and the opening 20 minutes are some of my favourites in any film ever - oh, and that rope-bridge sequence is bloody amazing as well. This is probably the one I watched the most as a little lad too. That's probably why I don't mind either Short Round, or Willie. I remember wanting to be like Shorty, he was so cool in my mind. And as shallow or shrill her character might be, Capshaw puts on a wonderful comic performance. As for Harrison, Indy looks the sharpest and easily the hottest here (Spielberg knew what he was doing, showing off those guns), almost bordering on a certain Bond-ness.

People seem to be rather dismissive when it comes to this sequel, though. Rushing to see who can put the racist stamp on The Temple of Doom faster, louder, or more creatively. And fair enough, George Lucas and offensive stereotypes go hand in hand, but I honestly think the "Brownies" in Willow, or certain characters from the Prequels are much worse in that regard. Especially when the nature of Indiana Jones films is paying caricaturesque homage to the serials of a bygone era. It's not that much different from The Mummy films, honestly.

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