Inside ★★★★½

1st Alexandre Bustillo, 1st Julien Maury

It was a violent horror sort of day.

Absolutely superb, utterly unflinching. I feel physically weak from the sights and sounds here. Bustillo and Maury take that most taboo of elements, the pregnant woman, and fear-edge us by placing her in constant danger. It may only be seventy five minutes long but there's not an ounce of fat anywhere, everything pushing us towards the fulfilment of the horrific threat that hangs like a thick black fog over the film; of violent bodily mutilation and the death of the unborn. And those mutilations look PAINFUL, from the aerosol burns to the omnipresent pair of scissors that hang over every scene. Arterial wounds meld with the blood of afterbirth in one long train of gore, a thoroughly disturbing intermingling of bodily fluids to remind us that we are all flesh. Yeah, it may feel phenomenally obvious in its telegraphing of a subtext at the beginning, but all that fades away to irrelevance with Bustillo and Maury's superb home invasion, a brilliant use of space and topography to give a perfect sense of time passing and tension ratcheting up. Just incredible cinema.

And Beatrice Dalle- Fucking Hell

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