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    14th Jean-Luc Godard

    Losing Godard is probably the greatest loss to film culture this century so far. The sheer depth and breadth of his influence is unmistakable on not only two generations of filmmakers, critics and academics but on the way we talk about films both in person and on here. There were multitudes of writers beforehand who all sort to turn film into an art form but Godard and Cahiers (of which he was a notable contributor) did so…

  • eXistenZ



    Hooptober 9.0, pt.7- What I would give to play with Jennifer Jason Leigh

    5/6 Countries (Spain, UK, Japan, USA, Canada)
    5/8 Decades (1970s, 1980s, 1960s, 2020s, 1990s)
    1/1- Films set in the Future
    1/5- Five Director Lucky Dip

    16th David Cronenberg (after Scanners, Dead Ringers, The Dead Zone, The Fly, Videodrome, Fast Company, Shivers, The Brood, Crimes of the Future, Stereo, Secret Weapons, Naked Lunch, Crash and Crimes of the Future '22)

    Willing to go on the record as this…

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  • The Giant Spider Invasion

    The Giant Spider Invasion


    Hooptober 9.0, pt.13- A Modest Proposal

    7/6 Countries (Spain, UK, Japan, USA, Canada, Poland, Hong Kong) (COMPLETE)
    6/8 Decades (1970s, 1980s, 1960s, 2020s, 1990s, 2010s)
    2/2 Insect Invasion Films (COMPLETE)
    2/2- Regional Horror Films (COMPLETE)
    3/5- Five Director Lucky Dip

    1st Bill Rebane

    Dear Mr. Blum and Mr. House,

    I hope you're well.

    You've made a lot of money with your films because you'e got a great strategy; low risk, high reward. Make a film in a series or from…

  • Dumplings



    Hooptober 9.0, pt.12- Tain't the Meat, it's the Humanity

    7/6 Countries (Spain, UK, Japan, USA, Canada, Poland, Hong Kong) (COMPLETE)
    6/8 Decades (1970s, 1980s, 1960s, 2020s, 1990s, 2010s)
    1/1- Bloodthirsty Old People

    1st Fruit Chan

    One of my favourite things to get at a Chinese restaurant is the dumplings. Don't think I'll be getting them for a while...

    What hasn't been touched on as much by reviewers here is the interesting Chinese/Hong Kong relations angle that Chan puts in place…

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