Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★½

Well...kind of liked it, kind of hated it, kind of disappointed yet somewhat satisfied. We'll go with that.

"Kong: Skull Island" was one of my most anticipated movies for this year and for a good reason: King Kong! Ok and Brie Larson (What a joke). As plot goes its pretty simple to follow. A couple of scientists want to visit this secrete island, the bring the military and ultimately are screwed when Kong shows up.

There's a lot to enjoy with this film, but there's a lot to be disappointed about. I'll say everything with King Kong is great. The look, his presence feels threatening, and hold his ground as a solid beast. The fight sequences were fantastic and incredibly entertaining. The CGI was beautiful and everything felt satisfying from a big brawl standpoint. Besides that, the rest of the film is kind of a let down.

The movie ultimately feels hollow, the biggest problem being the characters. I kind of find it a standard now a days when you have these HUGE casts and every single character has no substance, no development, and no charisma. It certainly shows in "Kong: Skull Island". With the exception of John C. Riley and Samuel L. Jackson, every character is so dull and so boring! There is no backstory given to anyone, there's no relatability factor and no reason to care, which is the worst of all. These characters are so poorly written into the film that it truly saddens me as an avid film watcher. With such big names like Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson ( A freaking academy award winner!!!), and John Goodman, you can only hope for the best time, the best performance. But these characters are given nothing to work with as their performances are just as dull as the dialogue. Disappointing characters, disappointing execution, which brings me to the direction.

Why, why this man. Why Jordan Vogt-Roberts? Why not give such a big title, such a big named franchise to a director with a worthy filmography? Vogt-Roberts is clearly lost when identifying an established tone. The film bounces around all over the place and I couldn't tell you what this film is supposed to be. The film's comedic relief also falls flat and on numerous occasions. John C. Riley has a couple of funny lines but the film attempts so many lines of comedy that end up being the exact opposite of funny!

Overall "Kong: Skull Island" is a flawed film. A lot of structural issues, no clear tone, no sense of direction, terrible script, weak characters. While the action sequences were nice and Kong was excellent, I did find some enjoyment out of the film and had a pretty enjoyable experience. I thought the look of the island was pleasing and the creatures were fun to watch as well. But in the end, "Kong: Skull Island " is disappointing to the fact where the film had so much potential and failed miserably at executing the most important parts. I think like myself, many will find enjoyment out of "Kong: Skull Island". As long as you look through the complications and just want to straight up enjoy King Kong, then you will certainly enjoy this film but if you're looking to analyze the film for a well structured plot with developed characters and story? I wouldn't expect too much.

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