• A Haunting in Venice

    A Haunting in Venice


    when i saw oppenheimer 4 times in imax, this trailer came up every time and every time, my mind kept going back to it’s aspect ratio, its the only one out of the three that uses 1.85:1 the other two use 2.39:1, which is what i thought, then it got me thinking, how many trilogies do this, so far i found seven trilogies that this happens in. 

    anyway now to the film, this is best of the three hands down, got the best cinematography, best score and best acting but’s it’s still a 6/10, i hope branagh continues his poirot though.

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    been thinking about it in the corner of my mind and it’s just extremely beautiful, the pacing and its whole movement is just something so charming, yet the sense of regret is always hanging there. 

    an exceptional directorial debut, that i hope to think about constantly.

  • Dumb Money

    Dumb Money


    craig gillespie does not know how to include music into his films, especially in cruella and this (haven’t anything else besides pam and tommy).

    anyway besides the music this is such a weird film, wants to be the next social network, but since the story is fresh i don’t see how it’s needed. the cast is funny at times but just aren’t doing anything phenomenal. 

    it showed elon musk smoking weed as a profile picture and it showed so much tiktok that i think it’ll be on one of the tiktok accounts that describe the film.

  • Blue Beetle

    Blue Beetle


    i’m glad they went the familiar route, instead of trying to do something new, i think sticking to a basic story was the best way to go.

    characters were good, some a bit too cliche but not enough for me to hate it. 

    i doubt i’ll see a continuation of blue beetle cause of dc’s weird track record, plus i keep up with all the studio news and i’m still not sure what universe this is in.

  • Cobweb



    wasn’t sure i would see it, so i wasn’t expecting much there’s like one very great scene, all the tension, the camerawork and the music are all brilliant, i really wish they went with that throughout. 

    the performances are good for what they have to do, there’s nothing noteworthy about them, just a semi-decent horror/thriller that actually has the autumn aesthetic.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem


    watched 4 films yesterday, 3 in the cinema and amistad early in the morning, which hasn’t happened in a long time. 

    so anyway i loved this film, it’s so fucking gross looking it’s perfect. the music choices were perfect and i laughed at every joke, i feel like the humour i have at the moment was just displayed on screen just for me. 

    i can’t wait for more of theses.

  • Talk to Me

    Talk to Me


    i immediately got this film’s atmosphere from the get go, all because of the sound design. 

    it’s got this sense of urgency but it’s mostly the surroundings that makes this much more appealing. the camera work for the horror elements are brilliant and feels new.

    the stories progression and what it leads to is phenomenal, but it also made me laugh, which is a compliment by the way. 

    heard there’s a sequel in the works and i’m kinda intrigued what they could do, definitely a great ending though.

  • All That Jazz

    All That Jazz


    i said ages ago in my climax 2018 review that i don’t miss performing and dancing this is part two to that statement, it’s hell. 

    it has an insane build up and repetition, it displays a perfect way to incapsulate the feeling of performing in front of an audience and also teaching it to the performers. 

    can see a huge influence here especially one scene specifically with the sound design, definitely seen it recently.

  • 1408



    it was really good for like a continuous 20 maybe 30 minutes, but then it gradually lost me and went a way that i’ve gone to recognise more often. 

    i love horror films but i have to prepare myself to be scared but this is quite an easy film to watch to be fair, definitely an easy way to get into horror.

  • Scrapper



    i watched charlotte regan’s short film standby, during my first week of uni, thought there some potential as the characters did seem to be written well. 

    and seeing her progress to a feature film, there’s so much that o absolutely adore here, lola campbell gives one of the best child performances, especially for a first film and alin uzun gives a great comedic backup. seen a few films starring harris dickinson and i definitely want to see more. 

    scalper has…

  • Oppenheimer



    i kept posting about how the imax was fully booked weeks in advance, so one of my best friends booked it and i was contemplating if i should see it again, but i knew i was getting paid so i booked it and didn’t tell her.

    got to the cinema watched one of my new favourite films again and at the end, they noticed we were on the same row, it was so great to hear about their perspective and…

  • Barbie



    i wish i was able to have done the barbenheimer double feature but wasn’t physically able to, but after watching oppenheimer three times before this then again after, i’m glad to have finally seen it and hopefully seeing it again when my girlfriend gets back.

    gerwig taking on a blockbuster role after the beautiful little women, seems like a new director immediately directing a marvel movie, like chloé zhao for eternals, but gerwig takes some time to get us into…