Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

#2 viewing

What can I say? it's just as glorious as the first.

I just want to say that the hardest thing I have to do this year is probably to keep myself from letting out a scream every time they're on screen together.

I feel like this film is tailored just for me. I have a soft spot for films that let women stare at each other longingly on screen for 2 hours and this is it. I know there are films out there that are like this too, but I have no idea why this felt so personal to me 😭.

The fact that the premise is about a painter painting someone, observing each other, both being each other's subject and object is the meta I've been waiting for. I found the reliance on touch and look that the film set early on really pays off for the rest of the film, it made me invested in every single interaction between them.

One thing I noticed more about is the actors subtle expressions. both leads are insanely good at portraying emotions, I know they're actors its their job, but let me just appreciate good acting ok?
Maybe I'm just projecting, or this is my touch starved self talking but every time they glance at each other... bro that shit was breathtaking.

Some scenes really rely heavily on their performance and both nail it so well. The scene where Heloise said the line "do all lovers feel they're inventing something?" and they just moved in this choreographed way and then kissed? amazing.
Adele Haenel has this thing in her performance where she exudes this right balance of playfulness and smug that is just so fun to watch, every time she smiles my heart flutters.

I too would immediately fall in love with someone if we stare at each other so deeply that one didn't even notice her dress was caught on fire while a group of women sung acapella in the background.
I mean out of all random musical number that suddenly appear in films out of context this year? This one gotta take the price.

Also "Your complexion is remarkable today." is how I'm gonna flirt from now on.

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