M3GAN ★★★½

Unrated version.

Was initially irritated to hear how little was added back in, and I still would've loved a few extra plot scenes and more gore (especially since test audiences allegedly saw a ton), but I liked M3GAN a fair bit more this time — and not just because of the restored blood and fucks, which do help the atmosphere, and made me realize what I thought were bad line deliveries was just bad censorship.

Removed from too-high camp expectations instilled by meme marketing and Malignant's existence, I realized just how effectively this filters its grounded parental and societal fears through glam bloodshed, forming an outwardly lighthearted yet viscerally disturbing piece of popcorn techistentialism. Funnerving, as more horror-comedies should strive to be. Not sure it needs a sequel, but I'll definitely be supporting it.

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