Ivan's Childhood

Ivan's Childhood ★★★★½

5 Directors X 5 Unseen Films - Round 2

I mean, what can I say? Another film by Tarkovsky has proven him to be one of the truest masters of the medium. Poetic is the main word to be used here. It is not as philosophically dense as STALKER, and instead takes a very straightforward yet emotionally powerful approach. I feel that this must be up there with the most poignant films about the effect war has on children (I still have to see COME AND SEE), and it is certainly the most beautiful. The monochrome photography is some of the most arresting imagery I have ever seen. I was going to make SOLARIS my second Tarkovsky film, but I am glad to have seen this one. It captures a lot of what makes his films great in a shorter package than his other works.