Scream ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

The killers finding each other through Reddit and yelling about how obsessed fans are not toxic (while being covered in the blood of their victims) is probably the most accurate depiction of the Internet in the year of our Lord 2022. Lacks the visual sophistication and finesse that Craven's direction brought in and some of that spicy Williamson gallows humor, but a briskly paced, very fateful, entertaining and cheeky meta-slasher with a number of effective setpieces, suprisingly decent acting and in true Scream fashion sticks a fork in the current horror trends while becoming an offender itself. Brings in the new fresh faces, that are young, internet-smart but at the end of the day, its always the old gang who cleans up the mess. Has just enough fanservice to satisfy without being too on the nose. Although after watching five of these in a row, I'm not sure anymore if I'm laughing with it or at it. Are these guys actually smart or they are just as dumb as the people who made Stab 8?

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