Venice 70: Future Reloaded

Venice 70: Future Reloaded ★★★

This wide array of shorts are certainly a mixed bag. Some are completely uninteresting or shot poorly while others are charming and moving. Directors having their own interpretation of the future of cinema brings out such different results on film. Going through each one is somewhat of a struggle, but I went for it, so here are my ten favorite shorts. Keep in mind, most of them were left untitled, so I will be referring to them by their directors.

1. Jia Zhangke
2. Edgar Reitz
3. Samuel Maoz
4. Sion Sono
5. Shinya Tsukamoto
6. Yonfan
7. Antonio Capuano
8. Catherine Breillat
9. Davide Ferrario
10. Giuseppe Piccioni

For those interested, here's the official playlist of all shorts.

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