Under dubbelgöken

Under dubbelgöken ★★

A much more stripped back revue compared to Svea hund på Göta Lejon (1976), where the only major "set piece" was Hasse and Tage biking in the air. Quite underwhelming in that sense, especially considering how a lot of the segments boiled down to barebones standup comedy to preach about politics.

Although Svea hund suffered from being quantity over quality with its excessive runtime, at least it provided variation in terms of costumes, set design, and themes. But here, it was all so one-note and drab that you'd forget most of it afterwards and end up asking "that's it?".

Also please, don't make the audience members hold their arms around each other and awkwardly sway side to side, that's like the antithesis of being Swedish.