Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★


I was looking through my “top 100 favorite films of all time” list and I realized that there is a good half of that list that consists of films I have not seen in about a year, most of them nearing two. I found that rather shocking, but not more so than the fact that I haven’t even logged some of them. For example, I haven’t seen The Breakfast Club in three years, and it’s still in that list. Not only that, but I have films I have given a 100 that I haven’t seen in 1-2 years. Quite honestly, I think that’s unacceptable and disgusting. That being said, that list is currently under construction. I am going through the list from #100 - #1 and rewatching films that fit into these conditions.

• Haven’t seen in one year or above
• I don’t feel I remember enough
• Movies that I just feel like I need to revisit

I will also be entering the realm of my daunting watchlist and picking out films I feel could be possible contenders for that list and finally getting to them.

I started with Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I feel like has a pretty permanent position in my list. It’s pretty much the ultimate comfort film, as it checks every single box needed to be one, and then proceeds to do much more than that. It’s endlessly rewatchable, it has an irresistible style, perfect humor that doesn’t get old, a story that’s always fun to revisit, great performances, and a genuine feeling of warmth and comfort, almost like being wrapped in a blanket fresh out of the dryer. The beautiful visuals are just a plus. A lavish, ridiculous, and joyous shot of happiness and artful bliss. I can’t believe I’ve had the Criterion for so long and am just now getting to it. This is a truly wonderful film.

Status: remaining in list.

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