The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption ★★★★½

Watched in school so writing in the hallway

Very incredibly pleasantly surprised. Did not think I would enjoy but this was fantastic!!! Need to go back and watch in one go but still a great experience

One of my favorite scores to ever score. I love strings omfg beautiful 

Plot structuring was incredible slayyy writers 

Really great performances all around, surprised Tim robbins didn’t get up to much else after this very nice job. Ofc love morgan freeman always 

So glad there was a satisfying ending. Ik not all endings have to be positive to be good but I was very excited to see red and Andy both have such a good resolution 

Also I know I say everyone is gay but this time I will refrain. Andy and red have such a beautiful platonic relationship I love it!!! Just a wonderful pair of friends 

Ok don’t know what else to say but very very amazing !!! Think I would have cried if not in school

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