Moonstruck ★★★★

OHHHH I ADORE OHMYGOSH. Was just looking for something sweet and I totally got it. I tend to avoid romance because I expect to be bored or heartbroken but there's really so much out there that just fills you with joy. I'm not sure that I remember the last time I watched something with such an easy happy ending... but I was so happy to get just that. Cher was so wonderful and charming and beautiful. Nic Cage was so wonderful and charming and beautiful. Italian people are lots of fun. And little cameo of Martin Scorsese's parents! What more do you need?? Don't have much to say but I will soooo be back new comfort movie for sure ugh love 💞💕💖💛💓🧡❣️💛💘💛💕💛💖❣️💕

Edit: really really slammed with a huge crush on Nic Cage now....... help... new husband alert........

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