Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★★

Back to one of my most favorite girls. Impressed by and/or fall in love with a new thing after every watch. Oh I love this movie y’all…….

Best soundtrack ever. Like of all time actually. Will never get over it. It is so unbelievably MeCore it’s crazy. It’s like it was made with me in mind or something. Hate to be one of those people butttt imagine hearing joy division at a party. Life altering-ly cathartic most likely. I am JAMMINGGGGG OMFG. AHHHSBSBSJSNXKSNXKDD. Unmatched truly. 

All of the Easter eggs are soo…. Love. When Frank’s car passes Donnie at the very beginning…. The frank carved jack o lantern… Oh slay 

Not an Easter egg but Evil Dead cameo yassss

Frank still scaring the absolutely dog shit out of me. Afraid of who designed the character… disturbed human being…

Jake gyllenhaal still soooo cuteness and hotness. Like he’s always gonna be a boyfriend so sorry adore. Mm

James duval soooo slay. Need to look like him rn. But also need him to be mine rn. Conflicting. 

I do get the mixed opinions on this. Seems like it’s trying VERY hard to say a bit too much with the time they had. Very very ambitious and ambiguous girl for sure. But I love it! Bye!

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