Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★½

This was a really bad choice to watch alone in my basement in the middle of the night before I went to bed. I’m super fucking scared you guys goddamnit help. Frank is gonna make me die

Cool plot for sure. I thought it was just about him seeing frank and committing crimes but they clearly took it much further with the time travel alternative universe shit! And I don’t think any of it felt strained at all which is great

Jake gyllenhaal is very sexy. Sorry? Freaking hot dude. He’s scary and insane here. Manages to remain a little hottie guy. ?. “Sit next to the boy you think is the cutest” bitch you better fucking believe I’m making a beeline straight for Jake!! Damn

Maggie gyllenhaal is the perfect older sister in this! For some reason I’m usually not a fan of her but idk I thought she was very cool here

And drew Barrymore is my WOMAN. 5ever obsessed with her. Favorite favorite favorite ever


Fucking banging ass soundtrack. Seriously a new-wave post-punk dream… love that shit

Cinematography was not really anything of note but anything filmed before 2005 will pretty much always look very wonderful to me. Those cameras made everything so much better… can turn the most average cinematography into something real nice…

This was very cool! I’ve been meaning to get to this for a long ass time and I knew I’d like it it just took forever. Enjoyed that it was a good mixture of exactly what I expected and nothing I could’ve ever predicted. End was quite wild. Took me a sec to get it not gonna lie… but very nice LOL

Edit: sat with this for like 5 minutes and already I’m like wait wow… this was really fucking fantastic y’all???? So fuckinng good???? Like I knew I really liked it but damn. I really loved this. Omg you guys this was so good. I’m assuming none of you know this and I am the only one who thinks this. Fucking awesome you guys!!!!

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