Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool ★★★★½

Ever since I first heard about Infinty Pool ( especially hearing that Skarsgård & Goth were leading the cast ), this has been one of my most anticipated films to watch for the longest of times it feels like.

Thankfully to say that it does not disappoint at least for me. It's a bit more grounded & more of a slow burn than Possessor was but that didn't bother me in the slightest. Alexander Skarsgård & Mia Goth just absolutely kill it in their performances. Can't wait to see what they do next.

In parts of watching Infinity Pool, I thought I was watching the nc-17 cut but unfortunately not. So, I'm wondering what they cut to appease the mpaa because this was a more hard R for an R rating than I thought. Here's hoping the "uncut" nc-17 version gets released like for Possessor. But otherwise, this was yet another insane, trippy, & nightmare-ish mind fuck of a ride to behold from Brandon Cronenberg. Hotly anticipated what he does next too.

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