Won't lie, I went and watched this after seeing the overwhelmingly negative reception it's gotten, because if I wasn't interested before, I am now. Call me biased as a result.

Up until I heard people weighing in on it, I'd assumed with my little research that this would be feminist cinema, or a cautionary tale. Instead what you get is reprehensible. Andrew Dominik's disdain for Marilyn Monroe as a dumb blonde damsel is very apparent here, and it's as people expected in the lead-up to release. There's a good way to depict tortured souls and their hopeless situations in an empathetic, cautionary fashion while still being an engaging film. Here I feel like I learned precious little about her as a person, was encouraged to not view her as a victim to her circumstance, and instead take some morbid interest in her suffering. And that's about all there is to take from this film, at least to my understanding. It's oozing with mean spirit and if Blonde weren't so mind-numbingly boring when it wasn't farming shock out of me, I would have tried harder to get to the root of why.

But I fail to see the reason, sadly. Had more reason not to watch it so it's on me for thinking I'd get something out of hate-watching. But yeah good lord, this was hard to watch.

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