The Burning

The Burning ★★★

One night at Camp Blackfoot a group of boys are out to get revenge on the caretaker, a terrible man that treats them all badly. The prank goes horribly wrong and the caretaker is burnt to a crisp. Five years later and healed as best he could ever be he is released from the hospital horrendously disfigured and angry. He only has one thing left to live for and that's returning to the area of his former Camp and killing everyone he sees.

I hate to be THAT guy but I was honestly expecting more. From all of the reviews and horror documentaries I've seen this film tends to be ranked highly. After viewing The Burning I have to put it in the same category as Prom Night 1&2, Madman, and Pieces. Beloved early 80s slashers that are over hyped. The plot started with a great introduction but then there was a lot of nothing and when the kills finally begin they're boring and uninspired. I suppose there's only so much that can be done with garden shears. The acting is exactly what you'd expect but we don't watch these films for A list acting excellence anyway. The musical score was...pretty generic. A decent stalking theme but that's about it. You barely see the killer and that's a shame considering how cool he looks.

At least there's Jason Alexander with hair.

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