Slaughter High

Slaughter High ★★★

A group of kids at this particular high school love to bully a boy named Marty. So much so that he is eventually disfigured by a prank gone awry. Years later it's time for a high school reunion, and it's being held at the now abandoned school. Initially noone knows who sent the invitations but when they start getting picked off one by one they figure out that only one deranged individual could have made it happen.

I've been slipping lately so it's time to return to my roots and pop in an good ol' fashioned 1980s slasher. Slaughter High has been on my watchlist for years so I may as well roll with it. I wasn't expecting much until I saw "Music by Harry Manfredini," one of my favorite composers, probably the second best horror composer of all time behind John Carpenter. There's even a quick snippet of a jump scare with a hockey mask where Harry puts his Jason Vorhees flair on the music. All in all the music was pretty awesome most of the time, a blatant ripoff of the brilliance of Friday the 13th, a tactic that may be frowned upon by some but I personally can't get enough of it.

Bad acting is par for the course in these low budget 1980's slash fests but even my low expectations were dashed by how bad the acting is here. The acting and audio scream "look at my low budget!" The school bullies are some of the worst in cinema history. Acid!? Really!? The kills are hit or miss but the practical FX are on point. There is a reason why this film isn't better known outside of fans of the genre and that's because it's just slightly above mediocre. It doesn't really kick ass but it's also not a waste of time. One day if you're sifting through films looking for a sleeper slasher give this film a shot.

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